Each of our fitness-focused classes are designed to improve your strength, flexibility and balance, relieving stress and supporting weight loss along the way. Join us for a class and do a favour for the overall wellbeing of your mind and body. All levels are welcome to make the most out of our small class sizes and experienced trainers!
Find group classes on our weekly schedule. Private and small group classes are available on request.
If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please call us or stop by!


Varied series of Hatha yoga poses. Improves balance, strength and flexibility. Increases range of motion, deep breathing and eases the mind.


Vinyasa flow threading sun salutes and poses together. Connect each move to the rhythm of your breath while building mind and body awareness.

STATIC Gravity yoga

Long-hold stretching practice designed specifically to increase mobility. Be completely relaxed and passive, letting gravity do most of the work.


Full body, controlled workout flow to fire up your centre core while coordinating your breath. Awareness is sustained in each move you make.
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